IT Staffing & Consulting

Our goal is simple and client-focused. We essay to keep your IT staff focused on business-critical technology initiatives and to ultimately help you create a competitive advantage in the market place. Our highly skilled professionals deliver results that meet your growing needs, often with the right to retain and hire

Our IT Staffing and Consulting offers:

  • Greater value than traditional staffing companies who don’t have 30 times of experience in the technologies they support.
  • Rigorous pre-qualifications of all advisers by Subject Matter Experts to insure all applicable training and necessary instruments.
  • Ongoing support and escalation path from our resident specialized experts through the engagement.
  • Full operation to reduce the executive burden of timesheets, charges, and scheduling.

Experts with advanced skills

Project-based Staffing

Advisers are available across multiple technologies to help with short- and long- term design- grounded work and are engaged originally to help with the engineering and design of the customer’s result and remain engaged through the completion of the installation.

Augmented Staffing

Advisers are engaged on- point to emulsion the client’s current IT support staff to help either in a short- term or long- term capacity. Staff addition is the use of outside labor force on a temporary base to compound the capacity of your association.

Permanent Hire

Still, we can also retain coffers to be placed at a customer point as a full- time staff member, If a customer chooses. Our recruiting platoon applies the same industriousness in searching for full- time staff for our visitor.

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Our experts at RedBud Technologies has deep expertise in staffing and consultency using deep technologies for different use cases.

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