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New tech is constantly changing almost every day and clients look for workforce with skills updated. It has been felt tremendously now a days by everyone that the need to continually acquire new skills and proactively stay ahead of tech-driven environment is challenging and important.

Redbud Technologies ongoing learning program is at the heart of our culture – and our commitment to helping our employees to stay ahead of the curve and stay fit for the future of work.

There’s no such thing as a job for life in today’s world. Technology continues to advance in all domains, and people in all industries are having to learn new skills as technologies, the economy and jobs evolve

The core belief underpinning our approach is that people with purpose and trained constantly thrive well. In order to ensure that our employees thrive, we feel it our duty to help our employees to adapt to the ever evolving technologies and also ways of working.

We’re aiming to reskill or upskill our employees with future-fit skills. We’re doing this by supporting them to proactively develop an individual Future-Fit Plan.
Employees use their plan to guide their career path and identify and develop the skills they’ll need to succeed. This might involve enhancing their skills for their current role (upskilling), training to move to a different role in our company (reskilling), or preparing for careers and opportunities beyond our business.

People can find personalized learning materials and engage with others on a similar learning track setting up a meeting with the technical trainers and technical leads in that areas of expertise. And through our program that can be tailor fit according to our employee needs either in between jobs or while on the job people can gain hands-on experience by working on assignments.

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